The EZ-PBT 11 configuration has been expressly marketed to the Jewelry, Bead, Wire, and Lapidary industries. The following list the types of customers who have purchased the EZ-PBT:



Portable Bench Torch

ez-pbt068020.png ez-pbt068019.png ez-pbt068018.png
Jewelers and Students trained on Gas/Oxygen Torches looking for smaller safer fuel system to work at home.

Students and Jewelers experiencing the limitations of Cream Brulee type hand torches requiring more heat.

Jewelers requiring clean burning gas properties for platinum work.

Jewelers with several studios needing a torch system that can easily travel.

Work at home Artist that sell their artwork at shows and like to be able to work at the show.

Model builders and hobbyist that build miniatures.

Lost wax modelers for deburring models before casting.

Wire Jewelry artists that require precision to ball the ends of wires without burning adjacent wire.
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