There are no valves in the hand piece, hence, no back pressure in fuel lines. The Valve Assembly eliminates the need for pressurized hoses, the "Acquilles Heal" of traditional torch systems. Also, unlike traditional torch systems, there are only 2 valves to control, hence, it is easier to use and significantly reduces the learning curb.
There are 6 EZ-PBT Needles. Needles are in- stalled with a quarter of a turn and should only be hand tightened. The Needles are made of surgical steel. The Needles can be bent with care up to 45 degrees if desired.
ez-pbt047016.png ez-pbt047014.png ez-pbt047013.png ez-pbt047012.png ez-pbt047011.png ez-pbt047010.png ez-pbt047009.png
Unlike, most torches in the industry, the EZ-PBT Pen is very light, fits nicely in the hand, and is not weighted down with heavy hoses. The torch pen almost feels like a pencil offering exception- al control and is easy to articulate and handle.


Portable Bench Torch

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