The valve assembly is constructed of high quality brass with a protective chrome finish. It will not tarnish over time.
The EZ-PBT Valve Assembly offers amazing control without the use of any regulators. The valves are a worm gear design which we have used on similar torch designs over the last forty years. Very light, and easy to use.


Portable Bench Torch

The EZ-PBT Valve Assembly is Designed to work with the EZ-PBT Rotary Bench Clamp offering multiple setup options with respect to orientation. In addition the Valve Assembly accepts the Gas-Oxy Adapters allowing them to connect to standard gas and oxy hoses.
The EZ-PBT valve Assembly has one gas and one oxygen valve. Each valve has a built-in check valve set at one bar (14.75 PSI), which means, when using gas and oxygen regulators a minimum of 15 PSI is required to pop the check valves out.
Gas Valve
Oxygen Valve
Check Valves
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