1) The Valve Assembly Clamp Hand Bolt conveniently allow valves to be set up in either direction as well as to rotate the complete valve assembly with fuel canisters upside down to refill the optional S II Rechargeable Gas Canister.
2) Gas-Oxygen Valve Assembly: A: Oxygen Valve and Check Valve;
B: Gas Valve and Check Valve.
3) Gas Adapters allow connections to standard Oxy-Gas Hoses/ for regulators/Tanks setup. Not recommended for Acetylene as check valves are set at 1 bar: C: Oxygen Standard Hose Connector; D: Gas Standard Hose Connector.
4) Rotary Clamp support rod with built-in Needle organizer.
5) A Set of Needle tips: 6/10 mm, 8/10 mm, 10/10 mm, 12/10 mm, 15/10 mm, and 17/10 mm. Needles are made with surgical steel.
6) Rotary Clamp with built-in pen holder can be secured both vertically as well as horizontally anywhere on the bench where the clamp can be fixed. Rotate the clamp pen holder using the pen to make adjustment in pen orientation on clamp.
7) Wire pen stand is used for mobile applications.
8) Torch Pen with shrouded gas/oxygen hoses.
9) Tri-Oxy Adapter adds an additional 2 oxygen to the system.
ez-pbt045032.png ez-pbt045031.png ez-pbt045030.png ez-pbt045029.png ez-pbt045028.png ez-pbt045027.png ez-pbt045026.png ez-pbt045025.png ez-pbt045024.png ez-pbt045023.png ez-pbt045022.png ez-pbt045021.png ez-pbt045020.png ez-pbt045019.png ez-pbt045018.png ez-pbt045017.png ez-pbt045016.png ez-pbt045015.png ez-pbt045010.png ez-pbt045009.png ez-pbt045008.png ez-pbt045007.png ez-pbt045006.png ez-pbt045005.png ez-pbt045004.png ez-pbt045003.png ez-pbt045002.png
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The Tri-Oxy Adapter comes with a built-in pressure gauge. Since the EZ-PBT operates without regulators, the Tri-Oxy System requires fewer adjustments as Oxygen Pressure Changes.