EZ-PBT setup horizontally with needle
organizer and mobile pen holder.
EZ-PBT 11-T Set Horizontally with Tri-Oxy
Adapter and SII Rechargeable Canister
The EZ-PBT 11 set horizontally
with SII Rechargeable Gas
Canister and single oxygen
Tri-Oxy Adapter with SII
Rechargeable Gas Canister
Setup using one oxygen and
one GP40 Vapor Gas
Rechargeable Gas Canister with
 standard oxygen setup.
Standard Hookup wit
 needle tip Organizer
Standard Setup without
needle organizer
Setup Using Tri-Oxy Adapter
and Miniflam Gas
Setup using One Oxygen and
One Miniflam Gas unit.
S II Gas Rechargeable with Standard Oxygen Hookup is recommended for production soldering and intricate glasswork.
Standard Setup without
needle organizer
Standard Hookup with
Needle Tip Organizer
ez-pbt034021.png ez-pbt034020.png


Portable Bench Torch

The EZ-PBT 11 Rotating Bench Clamp is extremely versatile, and offers multiple options for installation.


ez-pbt034015.png ez-pbt034014.png ez-pbt034013.png ez-pbt034012.png ez-pbt034011.png ez-pbt034010.png ez-pbt034009.png ez-pbt034008.png ez-pbt034007.png ez-pbt034006.png ez-pbt034005.png ez-pbt034004.png ez-pbt034003.png ez-pbt034002.png

Left View

Right View

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