Portable Bench Torch

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The EZ-PBT is an evolution of the very successful Miniflam Microtorch Series in the Dental Industry. The intent for the development of the EZ-PBT is to offer a portable high temperature torch system that can evolve with student development in Metal-Smithing, Jewelry, Beading and Lapidary field. The EZ-PBT offers incremental components that can be added as skills, education and funds become available.

The EZ-PBT is designed to last. What makes the EZ-PBT really different is that it removes the restrictive barriers by offering multiple fuel options including standard gas and oxygen setups.

Miniflam Products are manufactured in France by Prodont-Holliger, SA. The Company is the largest French manufacturer of dental instruments.

Miniflam USA, Incorporated has been distributing the Miniflam line of products since 1987 in North America. Miniflam USA and Prodont-Holliger SA have collaborated to develop the EZ-PBT torch to specifically service the special needs of the Jewelry, Lapidary, Bead and Wire jewelry fields.

Miniflam USA is currently focusing on its continuous Website development as it offers an excellent vehicle to document its product features in detail. The platform offers an opportunity to demonstrate specific industry applications and uses. In addition, it is our goal to exchange information with users and to pass along their experiences.

                                                                                          Jean-Luc Ponsart
                                                                                          General Manager
                                                                                          Miniflam USA
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