Our mission is to offer innovative smart simple compact designs where safety is not an after thought, but the core foundation to build on. The Miniflam fuel system represents that core, therefore, most of our torch and burner designs are built on that principle.

Today we live in an age of mobility where more and more benefits can be realized and achieved from miniaturization and light weight designs. Perhaps today less can be considered better and safer; making it simpler to learn and more practical to operate. Our mission is to free the artist and specialist from the shackles of traditional old ball and chain torch systems, which for safety reasons require them to be bolted to a wall or table leg and are very heavy to handle or move by the average person. Our discipline is to produce designs that meet our publics ever changing needs; designs that stand the test of time. It is not surprising that we have many torches still operating after 35 years.

The EZ-PBT is an extension of true proven portable technology developed and used over the last forty years. The difference is that the EZ-PBT has been refined for use at the work bench with the option to connect to standard regulators and tanks.


Portable Bench Torch

ez-pbt002005.png ez-pbt002004.png ez-pbt002003.png ez-pbt002002.png
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